March 2017

Hi girls

Summer is just round the corner and that makes us all feel better.

So just a quick hello.


Love as always x


Jan 2017


Hi girls


As you may have noticed I have added an extra service of Housework/chores because I do get asked. This is how my business has been built. 


I am meeting such alot of beautiful from the inside and out girls. The photographic sessions are fun and give something to look back on. Not for everyone of course. That's why the appointments are made specially to suit you.


Thank you to all my lovely old and new clients for coming to see me. I know it isn't always easy to get away for appointments but how very nice when you do. Thank you also for recommending me. It is getting busier than ever which is great.


I have added a new link to Revival, a pre-owned clothes shop in Cottenham Cambridge. Lisa is lovely and is more than happy to have you girls visit.


 Hope to see more of you and please feel free to call me to answer any questions about appointments. I pride myself on putting girls at ease.


Love to you all 


Ginny xx


Just adding a bit because you may think I have disappeared. I haven't honest. I have just been so busy. It's been a fabulous year meeting lots more of you and helping you with your journeys. Love it.